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If you need a Qualifying Broker of Record to start a real estate brokerage or other real estate business, we make it as simple and more affordable than you can imagine! MyQualifyingBroker.com it's quick, mega-affordable, and so easy!

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Broker of Record

Anyone can own/operate a real estate company so long as you have a Qualifying Broker of Record filed with the State of Florida. It can be complex to involve a Broker whom may want a percentage of your business, but we offer a LOW flat monthly fee for the same crucial service.

Numerous Options

Owning your own brokerage gives you a number of options and affords you the opportunity to set your own marketing and business plan into action, and allows you the freedom to hire, train, and operate your brokerage as you wish under standard State real estate office guidelines.

The Integral Step

If you are already an experienced real estate professional of any kind, then you know the real estate practice and how to market yourself, so why are you paying Broker fees, a percentage of each deal, desk fees, etc. when you can make the logical and integral step in launching your OWN brokerage…

Start Your Own Brokerage – What WE do for YOU

As a real estate agent or creative property investor, have you ever dreamed of owning and operating your OWN real estate brokerage??  The profitability.  The control. Do you have your OWN convictions about how a successful office can be managed or how a successful brokerage can be best used?  Think about it… 
Are you doing all your own marketing/buying in your niche segment and wish you could keep all the earned commissions instead of giving them away?Are you an investor who is doing their own research but need your own accurate MLS access and exposure to help find and sell your properties?  Owning your very own real estate brokerage is much easier than you think.  You need a Qualifying Broker on record to satisfy State requirements, and that’s hard to do… right?   Most Brokers will also want at least a % of your business right?, -  but that’s where WE come in. Regardless of your involvement in real estate, owning your own brokerage will save you Thousands annually on commissions earned and saved.  You can also CREATE and NOURISH your OWN brand…    Name your Brokerage … write your own business plan … and execute your plan as YOU see fit,.. with NO overhead, NO required desk or State fees, and as optimized for success as owning a real estate brokerage can be.   It’s just you, your ideas, your strategic plan, your vision, and your WILL to make it work best for YOU. At MyQualifyingBroker.com we can qualify your brokerage with the State of Florida by utilizing our exclusive Multiple Broker License. For a very LOW flat monthly fee we will qualify your real estate brokerage fully with the State of Florida and let YOU keep EVERY DOLLAR that is earned, SAVE every dollar of commission on listing property, and you then benefit wholly from every dollar that is spent on marketing. We help you set it all up, then your brokerage can soar to new heights of success under YOUR direction.  

Starting your own brokerage is much easier than you think.  Owning and operating a real estate brokerage is a dream for most, but it can be an affordable reality by simply using our services to Qualify your Brokerage with the State of Florida.  We assist you with all the documentation and structure requirements with the local board and with the DBPR and we take the headache out of starting your own real estate brokerage. 

If you have ever wondered, “how can I start my OWN brokerage?” so you can stop paying ridiculous fees or if you are an investor if you just want MLS access for listing, purchasing, sales and research, we can present a very viable option to reach your financial goals.  Owning your own brokerage is a profitable venture for experienced real estate professionals and your limitations are few.  So long as Florida real estate law is adhered to in terms of license and MLS participation owning your own brokerage can be both liberating and immensely profitable for the right individuals.  This service is certainly NOT for everyone, but if you know how to list, buy, market, and sell properties, then owning and operating your very own real estate brokerage is a seamless and lucrative transition to private enterprise that saves you THOUSANDS yearly and just makes solid financial sense in today’s competitive real estate environment.

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